Located in between Tibet autonomous region of Peoples’ Republic of China and India, Bhutan is a small but mysterious Himalayan Kingdom. Bhutan is land-locked country covering a total area of about 4,700 sq km. It is known with different titles such as ‘the land of Thunder Dragon’ or ‘Druk Yul’, the last Shangri la etc. Bhutan is one of the most loved and popular country to travel at least once in lifetime.
Bhutan had remained into isolation for many years and was open to the outsider only in 1970s. Ever since, Bhutan has been one of the countries to spend holiday, if not travel at least once in lifetime. Bhutan is amazingly rich country in terms of stunning natural sceneries, gorgeous landscapes, serene natural splendor, diverse Buddhist culture, distinct rituals, customs, lifestyles, pristine environment.
There are hosts of shadowy gorges, Buddhist monasteries, cultural dances and lively festivals and festivities, gorgeous handicrafts, both high and low altitude trekking trails, stunning flora and fauna and so forth.
Geographically, culturally and environmentally Bhutan is a unique country, perched high in the Himalayas. Culturally Bhutan is a predominantly Buddhist Kingdom and it is only the last surviving Buddhist kingdom. The Bhutanese culture is closely similar to that of their north neighboring country Tibet. The villages are picturesque and awesome to visit around. Although there are regional variations in terms of language and religion, Dzongkha is a national language and Buddhism is national religion. Though there are also people of Nepalese origin and Nepali speaking, the people are divided of western Bhutanese and eastern Bhutanese. People in Bhutan are not free. Since they don’t have freedom of opinion and speech, Bhutanese people don’t share much, even though they wish to. Everything, including the tourism is controlled by the government. Bhutan is amazing country with its pristine environment, well-preserved culture and today, Bhutan has been ranked on the top travel destinations in the world.
It is obvious that you will be amazed, right after you land at Bhutan airport and began strolling around with majestic Himalayas, incredible landscapes, cascading waterfalls, sparking streams, beautiful Buddhist monasteries, shrines, museums, beautifully carved and decorated buildings with fine arts and architecture, thick forests full of diverse flora and fauna, exotic Buddhist culture, all these attract you in such a way that you feel to spend more days travelling and exploring such amazing extremes around the amazing valleys, remote Bhutan or capital city, Thimpu. Thimpu has relatively good roads and networks and houses many museums, palaces, monasteries, and centre of people from different corner of Bhutan, which is worth exploring and visiting around.

Bhutan at a Glance

  • Head of the country Ruler: King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchukin (2006)
  • Prime Minister: Lyonpo Jigme Thinley (2008)
  • Located about 10,000 miles from El Paso
  • Bordered by China to the north and India to the south
  • Spans 18,147 square miles
  • Called Druk Yul, the Land of Thunder Dragon, by its people
  • Population is an estimated 683,000
  • Diet staples are rice, buckwheat and corn.
  • Men wear a gho, a knee-length robe tied at the waist; while women wear kira,an ankle-length dress with traditional patterns
  • National sport is Dha, or archery
  • Masked dances depict heroes, demons, animals, and gods
  • Five generations of the Wangchuck family have ruled the country since 1907
  • State religion is Buddhism stand 75 percent, Indian- and Nepalese-influenced Hinduism 25 percent
  • Capital and largest city (2003 estimation): Thimphu (official), 60,200
  • Languages: Dzongkha (official), Tibetan dialects (among Bhotes), Nepalese dialects (among Nepalese)
  • Ethnicity/race: Bhote 50 percent, ethnic Nepalese 35 percent, indigenous or migrant tribes 15 percent

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Located in between Tibet autonomous region of Peoples’ Republic of China and India, Bhutan is a small but mysterious the Himalayan Kingdom. Bhutan is landlocked country covering a total...

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