Ramesh Dulal

Mr. Dulal has worked for our organization since 2015 and has over ten years of experience in this industry. One of our important staff, he strives to offer top-notch support. He received training from the Ministry of Nepal Tourism and has a significant amount of experience in the touring industry. He efficiently starts outings and is in charge of making sure that our customers are secure and comfortable. He guarantees a comfortable travel to your destination thanks to his efficient communication and grasp of the English language. He has a thorough understanding of the region, and with his guidance, your vacations are hassle-free and unforgettable.

His strong determination and dedication helped him go up the success ladder and put him on a path from being an assistant guide to a licensed tour guide.He serves as an example for other Nepali hiking guides. He is always a skilled guide thanks to his extraordinary leadership and first-rate service. Many newcomers can learn a lot from him.

Ramesh enjoys traveling, learning about different cultures, and seeing historical sites. He well comprehends what tourists in Nepal should anticipate from their travels. On the other hand, he appears to be satisfied only when tourists can experience the true nature of the areas they are seeing.