Ashmita Thapa

Ashmita is a content writer who is also passionate about photography and nature. She recently entered this field and is excited about travelling and discovering new destinations in Nepal.She had often wondered what the mountains would actually look like, having been born and raised in the capital city.She is currently pursuing a degree in Food Science and Technology. Despite coming from a distinct academic background, she has demonstrated incredible dedication and success in content writing.She currently devotes her time in creating blog content and articles promoting tourism.She is the freshest and perhaps most enthusiastic member of Footprint Adventure who is also deeply attracted  and attached to serenity and natural beauty of Nepal.

She has a really positive outlook on life, is dedicated to exploration, and enjoys going on hikes and treks.She is delighted to travel  and explore the beauty of Nepal with Footprint Adventures.She genuinely believes in promoting her native country in whatever manner she can, with the goal of making the biggest possible contribution to the travel and tourism sector.

Ashmita adds that she is extremely appreciative of Footprint Adventure for offering her the opportunity to learn more about travel and tourism.She would also like to grow here with more dedication and effort for the company.She also values the chance to meet new people, explore various regions and cultures, and broaden her knowledge about travel and tourism in Nepal.

"Self-improvement comes through change. Push yourself to the places you've never been before"