• Cancellation of trips by the Clients

The clients may decide to cancel or reschedule the trip for a variety of reasons. For a complete refund, the client must notify us 30 days in advance of the cancellation. When a client needs to cancel their trip, they must notify the company in writing and receive written confirmation of the cancellation. The agency has received your request for the submission of the cancellation date. A business has the right to compensate you for canceling your vacation if it is unavoidable and necessary.

The cancellation fee described below is a percentage of the overall fee that is published on our website's trip cost leaflet.

The Day Before (Before the Initial Trip Departure)Cancellation Charge (in %)
Before 30 days 20% of your total package 
Less than 30 days 40% of your total package 

If you decide to leave a trip willingly after it has begun, for whatever reason, you will not be entitled to a return of any kind from the company providing the trip.  This policy applies to clients who drop out of the journey in the interest of leaving any trip voluntarily, regardless of any reason after the trip has begun. The clients will not receive a refund for the remaining money that was not used in accordance with the itinerary, and this will not be granted. In the same vein, customers are not eligible for any kind of return in the event that they do not use any of the services that they have paid for, including transportation, sightseeing, meals, or accommodation.

  • Trip cancellation by the company

If the company decides to cancel the trip due to any issues regarding the trip, the company will have to refund you the full percentage of the trip price only. In the service of the client's ultimate safety, the company maintains the right to cancel any trip both during the guaranteed trip and before departure in the event that unforeseen circumstances arise which are beyond our control (for example, natural disasters, flight cancellation consequences of strikes, industrial action, wars, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions, or other untoward occurrences). If you just have second thoughts and are therefore unable to locate dates that work for you prior to the tour's expiration date, Footprint Adventure will provide you with a full refund. In order to receive a refund for your vouchers and payments, please email us at [email protected]

You are able to reschedule your trip dates according to the hotel's cancellation policy at no additional cost, even if you have already booked your dates with the hotel. Simply get in touch with us in accordance with the cancellation policy well in advance of the dates you had planned to travel. In addition, if you paid using a credit card, all you need to do to get a refund is get in touch with the company that issued your credit card.

Last-minute booking

While Footprint Adventure would accept last-minute bookings for its Nepal tours, trekking, and other adventure sports. For the outbound tours from Footprint Adventure such as Tanzania, Tibet, Bhutan, and Peru, we’ll not offer last-minute booking. You are required to make a reservation here at least 30 days in advance. In order to secure your reservation at the last minute, full payment is required 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. This is only achievable on a trip to Nepal, and we are prepared to depart for it at any time.

Deposit Requirement

The company requires a deposit of 30% of the total package as an advance payment for the trip confirmation. You will be guaranteed a spot on the trip as soon as the payment is verified, and the company will be prepared to make the necessary arrangements for you to get the service on the day that you choose. We’ve options for payment with a credit card, making an online payment, or transferring money from a bank account as well as you can do the Western Union. While the booking process is being carried out, the company will notify you via email to request further information regarding the details of the direct money deposit. You have the option of making your payment using either an online payment or a bank transfer.

Payment methods 

Once you have decided to book the trip with us, our tour manager will discuss with you the trip dates. The company will do the confirmation, and then you will be able to ultimately proceed with the payment to reserve your seats for the trip. The payment options are:

  • Online Payment through Card

You can easily use your credit or debit card to make your online payment. For the link for the online payment, click here 

  • SWIFT/WIRE Transfer

Account Type: Current Account 

Account Name: Footprint Adventure Pvt. Ltd.

Bank Name: Himalayan Bank Ltd.

Account No: 01910068150027


Branch Location: Kathmandu Metropolitan City -27, Tridevi Marg, Thamel Kathmandu, Nepal

(Note: Bank services charge fees relating to transferring the amount shall be borne by the customers)

  • Payment via credit card

You also have the option of using your card through a POS in the office.

Travel Insurance

The breathtaking natural scenery of the Himalayas comes with a significant amount of inherent danger. While traveling, it is important to be ready for any potential danger that could occur at any time. Being prepared is a good idea. Several different insurance companies offer services related to travel insurance that may be purchased online. You have access to a wide variety of insurance companies from which to choose at your own leisure. When hiking, particularly in Nepal, there is always a slight risk of encountering minor health problems, injuries, and, most importantly, altitude sickness. This is a risk that cannot be completely eliminated. Choose a policy that covers the expense of rescuing people from the mountains via helicopter in the event of a catastrophic accident or someone developing acute mountain sickness (AMS). When things are in such bad shape, the only way to get out of the highlands is by using a helicopter service. This includes a rescue team that can perform both ground rescue and evacuation operations. Because of this, we require the money from your trip insurance to pay for the helicopter services necessary for your evacuation from the Himalayas.

Flight delays and changes in the route

The travel route to the mountains can be unpredictable.  Both the weather and climate in the Himalayas play a significant part in the delays that occur on domestic flights as well as the changes in the routes that they take. Due to the possibility of unanticipated situations, we may need to select a different itinerary in order to ensure both your comfort and safety. In the event that your domestic flight is delayed, Footprint Adventure will cover the cost of your lodging (a guest house) and food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner ) in the city where you are departing from before your journey as per the itinerary. In the situation that your return flight is delayed, you are responsible for covering any and all additional costs, including those associated with meals and lodging. In addition, you would be responsible for paying any additional costs incurred if you choose to make alternative travel arrangements, such as taking a flight via helicopter, in order to avoid experiencing aircraft delays. Additionally, the company does not accept any liability for costs incurred as a result of a missed overseas flight but will assist in making alternative arrangements whenever possible. This is in addition to the fact that the company does not accept any responsibility for any charges. 


During the course of the journey, the client may experience a variety of adverse situations. Nevertheless, the company will not be responsible for any injuries, health problems, or emotional distress that may occur. In a similar vein, the price of our package does not include any kind of personal insurance. As a result, we make sure to inform the guests that they need to get the appropriate insurance packages, which should cover both medical crises and evacuation by helicopter, just in case.