Footprint Adventure is a leading trekking agency that has been providing incredible trekking and traveling experiences throughout Nepal since 2015. However, we have recognized that trekking can have a significant impact on the environment, and as a responsible organization, we are committed to the reduction of carbon footprints and promoting sustainable tourism. We are proud to say that Footprint Adventure is a Co2-neutral organization with the motive to reduce carbon emission and offset any remaining emissions through various projects that reduce greenhouse gasses. Our main goal is to minimize our impact on the environment while still offering unforgettable trekking experiences to our clients.

One of the ways we have started to reduce the carbon footprint is by encouraging our clients to have safe and sustainable travel by providing each and every piece of information on eco-friendly travel options to use public transportation, share rides, and travel in groups. Additionally, we also implement a “Leave No Trace” policy on all our treks which means we pack our all trash and waste and help minimize our impact on the environment. We work with the local communities to promote sustainable tourism and believe that responsible tourism is a key aspect of economic development and promoting the conservation of rural areas. Through our partners, we have supported initiatives such as waste management programs, eco-tourism projects, and the development of sustainable tourism infrastructure. We have also organized many plantation and cleaning campaigns with our clients through our Footprint Special Package. In addition to our sustainable practices, Footprint Adventure is committed to providing high-quality trekking experiences to our clients. We offer a wide range of trekking options, from easy hikes to challenging multi- days treks, adventure sports, and peak climbing, and our experienced guides ensure that our clients have a safe and enjoyable experience. We also attempt to provide the best opportunities for our clients to learn about the local culture and environment. We also offer cultural tours, wildlife safaris, and educational programs that provide a deeper understanding of the regions we trek through. 

Plantation and Cleaning campaign organized by Footprint Adventure at Phulkharka

How do we achieve carbon neutrality?

We approach carbon neutrality sustainably. We begin by calculating the carbon footprint of all of our activities, including transportation, lodging, and other logistics. Next, we aim to reduce our emissions by implementing sustainable practices on our packages like employing energy-efficient equipment, eliminating waste, and saving water. We also encourage our clients to engage in ethical tourism practices such as transporting trash, using reusable bottles, and respecting local cultures and traditions.

We collaborate with local organizations that implement sustainable projects that help to minimize greenhouse gas emissions to offset any remaining carbon footprints. For example, we support reforestation and plantations in rural areas that not only store carbon but also restore degraded ecosystems and create job opportunities in the local communities.

CO2 neutral infograph

How does CO2 neutral initiative directly benefit the environment, communities and economy?

The followings are our sustainability practices that benefits the environment, community and economy of tourism in Nepal:

  • We use the energy-efficient equipments and renewable energy sources wherever possible.
  • We help to safeguard natural resources and ecosystems, enhance air and water quality, and promote biodiversity by promoting sustainable behaviors such as waste reduction and energy conservation.
  • We help to reduce carbon emissions and repair degraded habitats by financing carbon offset projects such as reforestation and renewable energy projects.
  • We help to support local communities and contribute to their socioeconomic growth by promoting sustainable tourism and responsible travel habits.
  • We help to generate sustainable livelihood possibilities and support local businesses and enterprises by engaging in community-based tourism.
  • We empower local communities to take action and engage in sustainable development by sponsoring climate change education and awareness-raising programs.
  • We contribute to mitigating climate change and decreasing the negative environmental impact of greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting the carbon emissions generated by our operations and travel activities.
  • We promote waste reduction and recycling methods by providing separate bins for different types of degradable and non-degradable wastes during trekkings and in the office too.
  • With the promotion of sustainable tourism practices and the offsetting of carbon emissions, we are helping to establish a tourism sector that is more resilient and varied, less susceptible to the effects of external shocks, and more adaptable to the shifting tendencies of the market.
  • We contribute to the creation of a tourism industry that is more inclusive and equitable, and that provides advantages to a larger variety of stakeholders because we assist local businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Long-term economic gains can be achieved through the promotion of environmentally friendly business practices, which assist cut costs and boost efficiency.
  • We ensure that our guides and porters are well-equipped and treated ethically and fairly, including providing them with adequate clothing, food, and shelter.

footprint team at sagarmatha pollution control committee

In a nutshell, the CO2 neutral initiative is beneficial to the environment, communities, and economy as it helps to slow climate change, protect natural resources and ecosystems, support sustainable livelihoods, promote socio-economic development, create a tourism industry that is more resilient and diverse, and cut costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency.

At Footprint Adventure, we believe that sustainable tourism is the key to preserving our natural beauty and promoting economic development in rural communities. We are committed to being a responsible trekking agency and are proud to be a CO2-neutral organization. Join us on a trek and experience the beauty of Nepal while leaving a positive impact on the environment. Contact us today to plan your sustainable trekking adventure with Footprint Adventure.