Gosaikunda Heli Tour

Gosaikunda Heli Tour

Key Infomation

  • Duration:1 Day
  • Trip GradeEasy
  • DestinationTIA Kathmandu
  • Max Altitude4,380 m
  • ActivityHeli Ride & Breakfast
  • Group Size5
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Group Price Available
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Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is a well-known option among the several helicopter trips available in Nepal. Both Nepalese and Indian tourists visit this location. Many hikers visit Gosaikunda Lake each year to partake in the popular hiking activities that have made it famous. Gosaikunda is the greatest place to encounter the Langtang Himalayan Range or to go on a religious pilgrimage. From Kathmandu, you will take a scenic flight to the sacred site of Gosaikunda on the Gosaikunda Heli Tour. After the Everest Helicopter Tour and the Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour, this one is the next most popular chopper trip in Nepal. Going on a helicopter tour to Gosaikunda from Kathmandu is the greatest way to witness the Langtang Himalayan Range up close and personal at a reasonable price and in a short amount of time.

The Gosaikunda Lake is a popular freshwater lake that is revered as a holy place of worship by those who follow the teachings of Lord Shiva, as told in religious myths and legends. This holy site receives increased attention from Hindu pilgrims from Nepal and India during the festival of Janai Purnima, which is celebrated in Nepal. This extraordinary heli tour begins and concludes in Kathmandu, the nation's capital city. At the lake's edge, there is a land time of forty-five minutes available for any activity, whether it be a holy bath or exploration. At an elevation of 4,380 meters, Gosaikunda Lake is a reservoir of freshwater that can be found in the alpine environment of Langtang National Park. Gosaikunda's beguiling charm and stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains are certain to win the heart of every traveler who visits here. In addition to that, it is an excellent opportunity to get an up-close look at the ethnic Tamang tribe and the snow-capped mountains of the Langtang region. Those travelers who are fine with long days of hiking but have a fervent desire to pay devotion to the holy lake may find this breathtaking heli tour to Gosaikunda to be the ideal alternative. The passengers will have the opportunity to take in the stunning panorama of the surrounding mountains while they are airborne, which is sure to be a highlight of their trip. In addition, if you are interested in visiting Kyanjin Gompa and Langtang Valley by helicopter, you can book our Kyanjin Gompa Heli Tour package.

Highlights of Gosaikunda Heli Tour 

  • Scenic flight from Kathmandu to the holy Gosaikunda Lake
  • Encounter the alpine freshwater lake at an altitude of 4,380 meters
  • Witness the captivating views of the Langtang Himalayan range
  • Enjoy the ground time of 30-40 minutes at the bank of the lake
  • Complete package departing and returning to the Kathmandu airport in one hour
  • Considered the biggest pilgrimage site in Nepal
  • The Gosaikunda Region is home to some stunning oligotrophic lakes (More than 12 including Saraswoti Kunda, Vishnu Kunda, Surya Kunda, Bhairava Kunda, etc.)

A flight by helicopter to the holy lake of Gosaikunda is both the quickest and most direct means to make the journey there. This helicopter tour is ideal for those of advanced age as well as those whose physical capabilities are limited. You are welcome to get in touch with us to take part in this surreal helicopter flight through the Himalayas. We also provide Muktinath Helicopter Tours, Shey Phoksundo Helicopter Tours, Badimalika Helicopter Tours, Kyanjin Gompa Helicopter Tours, Pathivara Helicopter Tours, Mardi Himal Heli Tours, and Panchpokhari Helicopter Tours, as well as other tours, based on your selections and preferences. Please get in touch with us if you have any further concerns about Helicopter Tours in Nepal.

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Here is the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour's full schedule. Contact us if you want to create your own personalized itinerary. We will design the schedule taking into account your needs and specifications.

7:00 AM

- Transfer to Tribhuvan International Airport, Domestic Terminal
7:30 AM
 - Fly from Kathmandu to Gosaikunda Lake 
8:00 AM
- Upon arrival at Gosaikunda Lake, you'll have one hour time to explore the lakes, mountains, nearby landscapes and breakfast near the lake. You can swim on the lake as well if you are fine ready for it. Besides this, you can take pictures and make videos and worship near the lake as well. 
9:00 AM
- Fly back to Kathmandu.
9:30 AM
- Land in Kathmandu airport

  • MealsBreakfast
  • Time2 hours
  • Maximum Altitude4,380 m

What's Included

  • Airport pick and drip for the heli tour
  • Helicopter tour to Gosaikunda Lake and return to Kathmandu
  • 45minute to one hour ground time in Gosaikunda Lake  
  • Essential permits and entrance for the Langtang National Park
  • Gratuities and Tips (recommended)
  • Airport tax (Rs 500 per person)
  • Personal Expenses during the trip
  • Extra food and drinks, and other expenses which are not mentioned in the above inclusive 

Additional Info

Packing List for Gosaikunda Heli Tour

We recommend that our customers dress comfortably for the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour, taking into account the present weather conditions in Gosaikunda Lake. Closed-toed shoes are permitted for landing at Gosaikunda Lake. Typically, the temperature in the Gosaikunda area dips below freezing in the morning. You should also wear and carry high SPF sunscreen because UV rays are strong at high altitudes. You can also pack some light snacks, such as chocolates, dried fruits, or an energy bar. The following is a list of stuff you should carry and wear on the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

  • Windproof Down Jacket
  • Warm Fleecing Trousers
  • Long Sleeve T-shirts
  • Water Bottle
  • Toiletries (Toilet Paper and Wet Pipes)
  • Sunglass
  • Lip Balm
  • Scarf
  • Camera with Spare Batteries and Memory Card

Best time for Gosaikunda Heli Tour

The fact that you are not at the whim of muddy, slippery routes, closed roads, heavy downpours, or snowfall is the primary advantage of seeing Gosaikunda Lake on a helicopter trip. The Gosaikunda Helicopter tour package is one of the many that Footprint Adventure has available at all times of the year. However, the fall and spring seasons are when the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is at its busiest, so those are the best times to go. Besides this, during the festival time, it would be even more interesting to explore such as Janai Purnima, Dashain, Tihar, etc

Things to Know

Weather, local politics, transportation, and other uncontrollable variables may cause a modification in the plan while on the trip. It is extremely unlikely that the schedule would change significantly, though. If adjustments are required, the leader will choose the best course of action while taking the interests of the entire group into account. When a change does occur, we make every effort to reduce its impact.

Safety Tips for Gosaikunda Heli Tour

  • Don't haste when getting in or out of the helicopter.
  • When getting in and out of a helicopter, always wait for the pilot's directions.
  • Observe the safety instructions that the guide and pilot give you.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times.
  • Never stick your head or hands out a window.


Q1. What are the best seasons for Gosaikunda Helicopter Tours?

March-May and September-November are the peak seasons for the helicopter tour in Nepal as these seasons provide us with the best and clear view of nature and the mighty Himalayas. This place gets major attention during the Janai Purnima festival of Nepal. Please get in touch with us regarding scheduled departures for the upcoming season if you are considering a trip.

No more than five people (not including the pilots) can fit in the helicopter at once. A helicopter may carry up to 5 passengers on a charter. Helicopter tours are available to children older than three.

Everyone, regardless of age, is welcome to join us on this adventure. However, kids above the age of three can join in on the fun of a helicopter ride. A helicopter ride is exciting and fun for people of all ages.

The weather in mountainous areas is frequently unpredictable. It is extremely dependent on the morning temperature as well as the wind on the very same day. If you want to avoid traveling during a storm, our team recommends that you leave your trip dates open for at least three to four days. You can try again the following day in the event that the flight is cancelled due to inclement weather.

The majority of the helicopters in our service have a maximum capacity of five passengers and can fly at altitudes ranging from 16000 to 23000 feet.

The Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is most popular in March, April, and May, as well as in September, October, and November. During certain months, we post daily set departure dates on our website. If you are interested in traveling during the next season, please contact us for specific departure dates.


Once your reservation and travel dates have been confirmed, you must make an advance payment, which can be made online using your credit card.

The weather in the mountains is frequently unexpected. It is greatly dependent on the morning weather and wind on the same day. To avoid adverse weather, we recommend keeping your travel dates flexible between 3 and 4 days. If the flight is canceled due to weather, you can try again the following day.


"It depends," is the quick answer. The Gosaikunda Helicopter conserves energy and time. Except for the hike itself, you will not miss anything. However, not everybody has the luxury of spending long hours trekking, and not everybody is physically well enough to do so. The majority of people prefer a heli trip.

Aside from that, the tour has perks. You will have an exciting helicopter flight from and to Gosaikunda. A breathtaking bird's-eye view of the Langtang region's natural beauty and scattered settlements. Furthermore, you will avoid the additional expense of camping and trekking equipment. Nonetheless, it is dependent on your choices and what you hope to gain from the vacation.


The helicopter's maximum altitude is unknown. However, the maximum height for landing and taking off at Gosaikunda Lake will be 4,380m. The chopper ascends above 4,500 meters on this flight.


If you choose to cancel the flight, you will receive a refund. Things don't always go as planned, and we understand that entirely. Refunds will be processed in accordance with our terms and conditions. While booking the Gosaikunda Heli Tour in Nepal, please carefully read our terms and conditions.


Yes, all of the helicopters have emergency oxygen tanks. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is not always predictable. As a result, we always carry safety equipment such as first aid and an oxygen tank.


The tour will last around 1 and 1/2 hours from the time we leave the airport until we return. However, the time it takes to go to the airport will be determined by where you choose to fly from. You can fly out of either Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu or Pokhara Airport in Pokhara.

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