Footprint Adventure family is a team of expert leadership, experienced management, staff, certified guides, and well-trained trekking team members to accompany your journey. Our leadership is pleasant and well-principled by people from various parts of the country. They speak fluent English, are licensed by Trekking and Tourism agencies, hold high altitude first aid certificates,s and are further well-trained and experienced. With their impressive sense of humor and in-depth knowledge of the local places, you will never get bored on your whole trip. Our prime directive is to provide a first-class adventure and holiday experience in the Himalayas that is sustainable and responsible.
For more than a decade, we have expanded our services by providing new and unique destinations and itineraries that have been receiving positive feedback. We have properly insured all our staff and paid them well, resulting in job satisfaction and wholehearted performances. Our experienced and enthusiastic members at the office and field will make sure that you receive the best service and attention throughout your stay.

  • Ganesh Adhikari

    Ganesh Adhikari


    Ganesh Adhikari, the president of Footprints Adventures, is a skilled manager and team player in the tourism industry. Growing up in the hills of Dhading, the settlement of Phulkharka, he has always had a great affinity for the mountains and hills. While other children did their homework and played, he envisioned himself working in the tourism industry. After completing elementary school, he enrolled at Mandali Higher Secondary School for his secondary studies and began working as a porter in the tourism industry.His journey from fighting to make ends meet as a porter to becoming the chairman of a prestigious company fills him with pride and motivates him to work harder for the benefit of the entire nation.As someone who has [...]

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  • Madhav Adhikari

    Madhav Adhikari

    Managing Director

    Mr.Madhav Adhikari grew up in a remote mountain village of Phulkharka in the Dhading district of Nepal. After finishing his school level, he moved to Kathmandu for further Education. He still remembered that day,  when he finally got a chance to trek with his Uncle’s Company to Annapurna Circuit Trek. After finishing this trip he felt  really connected to nature and mountains and he started his career as a Trekking Guide. After a few years of Trekking Guide, in 2017 Madhav Adhikari established Footprint Adventure to offer authentic travel experiences to fellow adventure seekers like him.He finished his Bachelor's in Dortmund, Germany (Travel and Tourism Management). In  Deutschland gibt es ein spruch "Der Kunde ist König" der worte bedeutet mir [...]

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  • Rohit Katwal

    Rohit Katwal

    Head of Digital Creator

    Rohit Katuwal is a travel photographer, video creator as well as adventure lover who loves to explore research and love to escape from crowds to beautiful & peaceful places. He is originally from a beautiful city in the eastern part of Nepal, Dharan. He belongs to the most beautiful city in the eastern part which is enough to let everyone know why he loves nature. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Tribhuvan University. Belonging from the management stream he enjoys managing himself being lost in nature. He started his career in 2016 as a wedding photographer. He used to create short movies as well as edit photos by doing these he found himself enjoying. He loves to tell a story through [...]

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Our management team manages all clients, writes content, runs social media, and takes holiday photos. Every member of the Footprint Adventure team is close to nature and mountains, also the company's main objective is to provide a luxurious travelling and trekking experience. The important tasks for the company will be handled by this team. They control scheduling and financial management in accordance with the demands of the company. A robust management team is necessary to distribute company responsibilities.


  • Sharan Karki

    Sharan Karki

    Executive Director & Travel Planner

    Sharan Karki, a youthful and enthusiastic Mountain Guide in Nepal, has been writing about his travels blogging for eight years. His hometown of Phulkharka, on the foothills of the gorgeous Himalayas and majestic hills, is the picturesque village of Dhading. He grew up in an incredible region where mountains, wildlife, and culture formed the basis of education. The next year, he graduated from Tribhuvan University with a Bachelor's in Business Studies. Formerly, he had aspirations of pursuing a career in medicine; but, after realizing that exploration of the world was his true calling, his plans altered. This inspiration drove him to pursue a career in the tourist sector.In 2014, he began working as a hiking porter. He often said that working in [...]

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  • Abhishek Dhital

    Abhishek Dhital

    Travel Photographer

    Abhishek Dhital is a travel photographer, blogger, and licensed trekking guide who loves to observe the culture and lifestyles of different corners of Nepal. He is originally from the beautiful western district of Nepal, Dang. Born in inner terai he always loved to hike up to the hills of his hometown. After his schooling, he came to Kathmandu, and currently, he is pursuing a Bachelor's in Travel and Tourism  Management at Nepal College of Travel and Tourism Management, Lazimpat. He said" When I started tourism studies I really got attached to its service concept and decided to be a professional guide and a travel blogger.He started his photography journey in 2015. Gradually, he started traveling and capturing authentic stories and [...]

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  • Ashmita Thapa

    Ashmita Thapa

    Content Writer

    Ashmita is a content writer who is also passionate about photography and nature. She recently entered this field and is excited about travelling and discovering new destinations in Nepal.She had often wondered what the mountains would actually look like, having been born and raised in the capital city.She is currently pursuing a degree in Food Science and Technology. Despite coming from a distinct academic background, she has demonstrated incredible dedication and success in content writing.She currently devotes her time in creating blog content and articles promoting tourism.She is the freshest and perhaps most enthusiastic member of Footprint Adventure who is also deeply attracted  and attached to serenity and natural beauty of Nepal.She has a really positive outlook on life, is [...]

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  • Mina Karki

    Mina Karki

    Finance Officer

    Mina, a business studies student, works at Footprint Adventure as a knowledgeable and dedicated accountant. She currently resides in Gongabu, Kathmandu, however she is originally from Dhading. She is presently pursuing a bachelor's degree in business studies with a finance concentration. In addition to storing and analyzing account data, Mina is in charge of creating financial reports. She also manages accounts for the government. She enjoys traveling, reading books, and listening to music.She is also the youngest member in Footprint Adventures. She manages the business's financial concerns. Additionally, she has been given a number of duties, including filing bills, creating budgets for the tours and treks, and managing payments to the agents. She excels in collaborating with others to successfully complete [...]

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  • Dhiraj Thapa Chhetri

    Dhiraj Thapa Chhetri

    Travel Photorapher

    Mr. Thapa, who was born in Kathmandu, is an exceptional team member at Footprint Adventures. He is an adventurous human who enjoys engaging in risky activities such as taking street photography, trekking, camping, hiking, kickboxing, editing, and experimenting on computers. He has participated in travel and shoots on a global scale, taken a variety of daring images, and even played a part in travel documentaries and short films. He has also done work in the film industry.Because he was so enthusiastic about freezing time, he became interested in and educated himself in photography. He is of the opinion that "photographs contain the potential to capture the moment for future generations."Because of Footprint Adventure, he is able to be equally interested in [...]

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As a company representative, your major goal is to manage client meetings so you may represent the business while providing customer care or looking for new clients. Our staff consists of individuals from the UK, Australia, Mexico, and India. On behalf of the company, they are in charge of management. All of them have demonstrated exceptional performances for the organisation while serving as qualified representatives.


  • Pratikcha Karki

    Pratikcha Karki

    India Representative

    Pratikcha Karki is a 23-year-old adventurer and a passionate explorer from Sikkim. Currently pursuing her Masters's Degree in English from distance education, Pratikcha finds her happy place out in the wilderness and the impeccable beauty of nature. She is always ready for adventure, her bags always packed, and her mind always full of curiosities. Her first ever trek was to Tilicho lake, Nepal, and that is when she realized she has fallen in love with the mountains and trails that decorate the curve of hills. She then decided to romanticize her life with more adventures, more experiences unfolding. She says “sacred lakes and mountains are sanctuaries to this solivagant.”Besides her love for adventure and trekking, she also loves to document [...]

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  • Ivhett Camargo

    Ivhett Camargo

    Mexico Representative

    Ivhett joined Footprint Adventure after completing her treks across several Nepalese regions. She enjoys travelling and has been to several locations in Nepal. She now has a thorough understanding of Nepal's Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and Mustang regions.Ivhett is a nature and travel enthusiast who adores outdoor activities. Her favourite job as our representative is assisting travellers to Nepal so they can begin their eagerly anticipated vacation. She is originally from Mexico and is fluent in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and to a lesser extent, Portuguese. Because of her good temperament and friendliness, she makes it simple for passengers to organise their trips.Her area of expertise is working with large groups, such as those from schools, colleges, and universities, but [...]

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  • Aastha Singh Thakuri

    Aastha Singh Thakuri

    Australia Representative

    Astha was born in Nepal and has been residing in Sydney, Australia. Since 2019, she has served as our representative in Australia. She is committed to assisting Australian vacationers with planning and managing their trips.She is a cheerful, amiable lady, making it simple for tourists to organise their journey with her.Ms. Thakuri enjoys travelling and discovering new places and cultures as an adventure enthusiast. She has already visited some of our locations and gained first-hand knowledge of our offerings. She is qualified to assist you in planning your vacation and is able to speak with the Australian group.Her favourite job as our representative is assisting travellers to reach Nepal so they can start their long-awaited adventure.Each year she spends some [...]

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  • Namratha Adhikari

    Namratha Adhikari

    United Kingdom Representative

    Ms. Adhikari represents Footprint Adventure in the UK. She is a strong, independent woman who enjoys being in the mountains and outdoors. She was born and raised in the UK, but a few years ago, she decided to travel to Nepal. She travelled to Ghorepani Poonhill initially. After the journey, she was certain that Nepal was the nation with the stunning mountains that were fascinating and adventurous. As a company representative, Namratha has been managing the client meetings while providing excellent  customer care on the behalf of the company. The main reason for her in this company was she wanted to stay connected to Nepal as far as possible. She now has a thorough understanding of Nepal's Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and [...]

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In a 3X2 matrix, the position of trekking guide is made up of six distinct roles: group leader, tour leader, educator, organiser, interpreter, and motivator.A trekking guide's primary responsibility is to guide parties on long hikes. These hikes could be day hikes, overnight excursions, or multi-month journeys. Most people who sign up for these treks, want to be led by someone who is familiar with the area and has substantial local expertise.The tour guide's duties include making travel arrangements, acquainting visitors with the area on foot or by vehicle, and guaranteeing their safety at all times. Additionally, you want to be abreast of any fresh attractions that can appeal to visitors.



  • Sumir Gyawali

    Sumir Gyawali

    Trek Guide & Yoga Instructor

     Sumir Gyawali, a coach at Taekwondo ITF and a black belt receiver, teaches Yoga and  Sound Healing. He is a  Professional licence holder trekking guide from Nepal government who not only loves teaching Yoga but has a vast knowledge about Ayurveda and Herbal Medicines. He is originally from the beautiful village of RURU, Gulmi, where the Rishi and so many yogis are practising yoga and meditation for a long time, like a Rishi Shringa, Rishi Devdatta, and so many others.He studied in the Sanskrit language from his sixth class and he studied Hinduism and yogic culture from his childhood so he has vast knowledge about his culture, indeed a very beautiful village. He graduated from Nepal Sanskrit University. Being born [...]

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  • Ashish Kafle

    Ashish Kafle

    Trekking Yoga Guide

    Ashish Kafle is our energetic, high-spirited trekking guide who enjoys exploring nature and has been working in this field for 7 years and licensed for 4 years. He was born in the mid-western part of Nepal and grew up playing in the hills and rivers of the Palpa district. He is very passionate about his profession because his work is what he loves the most; to show travellers the best of everything Nepal offers.He is a self learner and loves reading books that broadens his perspective of things that are important. He is also a Yoga practitioner since 5 years, also provides sound healing therapies and cracks funny jokes sometimes. He is a keen observer, very empathetic and can connect [...]

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  • Prakash Aryal

    Prakash Aryal

    Tour Guide

    Prakash is an enthusiastic native of Nepal and belongs from Kathmandu, which is known for its diverse population and rich cultural legacy. He finished his postgraduate studies in business studies and began working as a teacher. He entered the tourist industry in 2011, and he began working for Footprint Adventure in 2013.He is also able to conduct in-depth study on the locations he must take his clients and compile relevant data ahead.Aryal has a deep knowledge of the places he travels to with his clients and is extremely passionate about cultural excursions.Throughout his tours, he always had a penchant for telling visitors the stories of the temple city and the entire nation. He is incredibly knowledgeable in trivia, fun facts, [...]

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  • Ramesh Dulal

    Ramesh Dulal

    Tour Guide

    Mr. Dulal has worked for our organization since 2015 and has over ten years of experience in this industry. One of our important staff, he strives to offer top-notch support. He received training from the Ministry of Nepal Tourism and has a significant amount of experience in the touring industry. He efficiently starts outings and is in charge of making sure that our customers are secure and comfortable. He guarantees a comfortable travel to your destination thanks to his efficient communication and grasp of the English language. He has a thorough understanding of the region, and with his guidance, your vacations are hassle-free and unforgettable.His strong determination and dedication helped him go up the success ladder and put him on [...]

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  • Nabaraj Adhikari

    Nabaraj Adhikari

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Nabaraj Adhikari is a professional Government registered senior mountain guide born in Dhading, a district  in the Ganesh Himal Region in Nepal. He has known Raj for many years having met him whilst guiding in 2010. He gained over 10years of experience and like many tour and trekking company managers in Nepal worked his way up the ladder from porter to a successful professional trekking guide.His enthusiastic nature led him to a successful path in this industry. With the experience he gained along these years, Mr. Nabaraj is the one of the individuals whom we can be dependent upon whenever difficulties arise. He has explored most of the touristic destinations in Nepal and developed himself into a knowledgeable and [...]

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  • Nim Bahadur Thapa

    Nim Bahadur Thapa

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Nim is one of the oldest members of Footprint Adventures. He is a well experienced and professional licence holder conducted by the Hotel Management and Training Centre(HMTTC), and has worked as  a trekking guide since 1998 with several groups in different regions. He loves exploring and learning about different cultures, norms and values of the people in  Nepal.He is a very energetic and hardworking asset to Footprints Adventure. He has been guiding the  freshers and teaching them about the importance of travel and tourism for poor countries like Nepal. He is a nature lover who also loves grabbing opportunities and doing many adventurous sports like bungee jumping. Driven by his love and passion towards nature and trekking, Nim has been [...]

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A qualified mountain guide is a professional mountaineer with specialized training and experience who holds a mountain guide association or local government certification. They are employed to train or lead individuals or small groups who need this specialized knowledge since they are high-level climbing professionals.The responsibilities of a climbing guide might include checking the climbing wall and climbing gear, such as the rope, shoes, harnesses, carabiners, and belay devices; instructing climbers on how to use the gear; offering a course to teach skills and techniques for climbers of all levels; gathering waivers; and processing paperwork. They receive specialized instruction in alpine abilities such as off-piste skiing, avalanche awareness, rock climbing, mountain navigation, and the guide is required to be knowledgeable on how to handle mountain equipment such as an ice axe, crampons, rope, climbing anchor systems, etc.


  • Ngima Sherpa

    Ngima Sherpa

    Climbing Guide

    Ngima Sherpa is an experienced mountaineer and 6,000 m peak climber who has over decades of experience in guiding in the Himalayas. He is originally from the home of Everest, Solukhumbu district. Ngima is one of the most reliable and professional mountaineering leaders that we are lucky to have. He has climbed most of the popular peaks like Mera Peak, Pisang Peak, Lobuche Peak, Island Peak, Nirekha Peak, and many more stunning peaks of the Himalayas. He has deep knowledge of local Sherpa people, their traditions, culture, and religions, so he is able to guide climbers and trekkers from all perspectives. Being the local of mountains, he is more used to the mountain lifestyle, obstacles, and difficulties. At the same time, [...]

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