Travel insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage for unanticipated losses experienced while traveling. While insurance policies normally cover trip cancellation, lost luggage, aircraft delays, and other costs, basic policies typically just cover emergency medical costs while traveling abroad.

Additional typical exceptions in contracts for travel insurance include:

  • Previously unreported medical conditions
  • Operating a motorcycle without a license
  • Traveling to get treatment for a medical condition
  • Elective medical procedures
  • Injury or disease brought on by risky behavior, such as negligent driving, drinking, or using recreational drugs.
  • Letting possessions go unattended
  • Taking part in risky sports and activities (such as bungee jumping, paragliding, and extreme sports)
  • Traveling against government recommendations and guidance.

There are considerable risks associated with the Himalayas' beauty. It is advisable to always be ready for any potential threats that may arise while traveling. Online travel insurance services are provided by several insurance providers. You have a large range of insurance firms to pick from at your convenience. There is always a small danger of experiencing minor health problems, injuries, and most crucially, altitude sickness, particularly when hiking in Nepal. Select a plan that will pay for helicopter rescue costs from the mountains in the event of serious accidents and acute mountain sickness (AMS). In such dire situations, the only means of escape from the highlands is through a helicopter service. This consists of a rescue squad for both ground rescue and evacuation. This is why we need your travel insurance to pay for helicopter services for your Himalayan evacuation.Nepal is a relatively secure travel destination, however, because of political chaos, there have also been some incidents of victimization, etc. Attacks on visitors are unusual, especially in hilly areas. Similar to this, incidents like high altitude sickness, avalanches, landslides, etc. are likely to happen when traveling across rough terrain, especially in the high Himalayas. As a result, in addition to the required medical coverage, we kindly ask that you get travel insurance.

Himalayan Rescue Association and Nepal Mountaineering Association are two organizations in Nepal that oversee a portion of the insurance in Kathmandu. A similar organization, the Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA), also provides rescue services in addition to insurance. We do keep in touch frequently with these many groups in Nepal. However, sometimes having contact with just these organizations is insufficient; as a result, you also need contact with embassies and foreign organizations where you will have access to insurance.

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