Mustang Region

Nepal has been always renowned for its adventure, mountaineering, trekking, and diverse cultural experience. Trekking in the high Himalayas has always been a fashionable experience across the country and the Mustang region is one of the best destinations for the adventure seeker. The Mustang region includes both the lower Mustang region that connects the world’s most popular Annapurna Circuit Trek and the Upper Mustang region, which is also called a hidden gem and desert of Nepal. The Mustang region trekking trails are exemplary for those who want to wander in the weirdness of the hidden valley of Nepal and a restricted region.

Mustang Region is full of ancient culture, practices, and festivals along with the desert valley in the trans-Himalayas of the north-western side of Nepal. The trekking journey to the Mustang region is a privilege to know the culture, people, festivals, and views. Being the restricted region of Nepal, the cultural and natural beauty remain the same as before in the Mustang region.

As the border of the upper Mustang is connected with the autonomous land of China (Tibet), Mustang shares and exchanges most of its culture, traditions, rituals, and customs and they trade with each other as well. Tibetan culture is abundant, especially in the Upper Mustang side. A vast and arid landscape will leave wonderful landscapes with its stunning terrain and topography. Somehow, you’ll also feel like a Grand Canyon-like terrain under the shadow of the Annapurna Himalayan range. Besides this part, the region is a high-altitude desert, deep gorges, and valleys, lush oasis, prayer flags, stupas, caves, medieval monasteries, stupas, and chortens along with rivers and farmlands. 

The Mustang region is divided into two different areas, Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang with Lomanthang as the capital of the Mustang kingdom. Lower mustang covers the Marpha, Jomsom, Muktinath, and Kagbeni villages whereas Upper mustang covers the ⅔ of the total area of the Mustang region. In both areas, a traveler can experience the authenticity of nature and culture at the same time. The Mustang region experiences less rainfall across the year, and due to the low precipitation rate, the land is more rugged and dry mostly. Likewise, you can explore this region across the year as well except in the prime winter season. 

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