When you are traveling across the world, especially in mountain countries like Nepal where climate, geography, traditions, cultures, and festivals are more diverse than the European and Western countries, you must be careful about the packing and equipment list. No matter if you are a professional traveler or a beginner, a backpack check is always a good idea before departing anywhere. Carrying everything that you need and use most while traveling and knowing an idea of what to pack for Nepal is very essential. Also, you must know about what kind of tour, trekking, and adventure activity you are going to do and the season/month in which you are coming to Nepal. The proper packing list for your trekking makes your trip comfortable and best.

Things to Know Before Packing for Nepal Trip 

  • When you are planning for Nepal, there are a few things that you must know before you arrive here.
  • Season and weather conditions of Nepal 
  • Types of the trip ( short trekking, long trekking, off-the-beaten trek, tours, adventure sports, religious tours, photography tours, etc )
  • The maximum elevation that you’ll be going to gain. 
  • Culture, practice, and traditions of the destination that you’ll be going to explore. 
  • Morning, Day, and Night temperature of the place you’ll explore. 
  • Situations of the trekking/hiking trails 

The above-mentioned factors are the most important things, which you must know before starting your packing. Your packing should be done under the guidelines of these things so that you can avoid unnecessary things and you’ll have an idea about what to bring and what not. Here are some of the important packing and equipment lists for trekking in Nepal. 

Upper Part of  Body (Head, Face & Neck) 

  • Sunglasses
  • A scarf or Face Mask
  • Sunscreen ( any with SPF 50+)
  • Chapstick
  • Sun Hat/Cap
  • Moisturizers 
  • Face towels 
  • Neck gaiters

Middle Part of Body ( Chest, Stomach & Hands) 

  • Hand Towel 
  • Cold Weather down jacket 
  • Wind Stopper 
  • RainCoat/Umbrella ( whichever is convenient for you)
  • Fleece Jacket 
  • T-shirt ( both short & long sleeves) 
  • Polypropylene thermal tops ( especially for high mountain trekking) 
  • Light and outdoor gloves ( during the day in the mountains) 
  • Warm winter gloves, fleece/woolen gloves ( during the morning & evening time) 

Lower Parts of Body ( Thigh, Legs & Feet) 

  • Fleece Trousers or Woolen Pants for the night 
  • Trekking Pants (preferably stretchable, quick-dry, water-resistant)
  • Polypropylene thermal bottom ( especially for high mountain trekking) 
  • Trekking/Hiking boots ( preferred GORE-TEX
  • Socks and underwear ( more than 5+ sets) 
  • Floaters, Sandals 
  • Crampons ( for the winter treks in the mountains) 
  • Snow Gaiter ( essential for the rainy season, snowfall, and crossing ice) 

Packing equipment for Trekking in Nepal

Essential Things for Trekking in Nepal 

  • Torchlight or headlight 
  • Trekking bags ( one small 15-20 L for yourself & 50-60 L for your stuff which will be carried by a porter while trekking). 
  • Optionally for trekking bags, we also provide a duffel bag during trekking for your stuff packing. 
  • Water bottle 
  • Trekking poles 
  • Sleeping Bag 

Essential Things/Documents that you need in Nepal 

  • Passport with few copies 
  • 2 PP-size photographs for trekking permits. 
  • Your mobile phone, charger, headphones, and universal adapters. 
  • Money for the trip ( especially US Dollars & Euro for Nepal) 
  • Personal medicine and doctor’s precipitation if needed when you travel to a different country.
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Round Trip flight tickets
  • Currency, Credit/Debit Cards 

Other Optional Items

  • Spare batteries for the camera.
  • Playing cards and reading books 
  • Cameras & Video Cameras 
  • Laptop and iPads ( if you are planning for a little longer in Nepal)
  • Sports watch, Airphone and Airpods

Additional Note: We provide duffel bags, sleeping bags, and down jackets as well according to your request. You shall return these equipment/gears after completing your treks and adventure activity. In case, you didn’t get the above-mentioned items in your place, we will help you to buy them here in Kathmandu or some of the things can be rented as well.

Packing list guide for trekking in Nepal