The key strength of this company can be found in the name itself, which reads "Leave only footprints, Take only Memories." Footprint Adventure is a fully licensed and certified government tour, trekking, and climbing organization operating from Nepal. We offer most of the tailored-made, customized, and personalized trips as per the requirements of our valuable clients. We safely take you to the top of the mountains, and we guide you through the mountain culture, Nepalese festivals, ancient art, and architecture. We offer the best of our best to ensure that your journey is memorable with the best service and professionalism. We also make you feel a sense of comfort as you become a part of our Footprint family.

Footprint Adventure is different as compared to other travel and trekking agencies in Nepal. We don’t just say it, but we can prove it by offering the best among the best services; we make sure your trip is memorable; we value your money; we ensure your safety for your entire trip with us; we offer exceptional itineraries and trips for you. Footprint Adventure has been a pioneer in leading the tourism industry of Nepal and creating job opportunities for hundreds of young people who are enthusiastic about making an impact on the country’s economy. Footprint Adventure is a top-rated agency for organizing solo female tours and treks across the country.

Best Price Guaranteed 

Amazing travel experience across the world is already priceless and definitely, if you are paying for the trips to Nepal it is worth it. However, knowing that you got the best price with handsome discounts and offers at different times is even more fascinating. With our best price guarantee on most of our treks and tour packages, you’ll always get the most affordable and technically based price on Footprint Adventure. Learn more about the different packages with the best prices here

Different Tours & Trekking Packages 

Footprint Adventure is offering amazing tours and trekking packages in the entirety of Nepal, along with Tibet, Bhutan, Tanzania, Peru, and Pakistan. All the tours are planned in accordance with the latest travel situation and regulations as per the respective region. You can easily book all these treks and tour packages from our website without any hassle. If you want to book customized or private trips, please contact us

Leave No Trace Trips 

As our main motto is to keep nature clean and green, we focus on carbon reduction, plastic-free trips, and carbon-neutral projects. We organize Footprint special treks in different trekking regions of Nepal where we do cleaning campaigns, spread awareness about carbon reduction, use fewer plastic items, and respect mother nature. The whole idea is to sustain the environment for generations to come so that they can equally enjoy the authentic essence of nature. Every year, we organize a tree-planting campaign on the occasion of our anniversary. We do not emphasize the use of plastic things in our offices, treks, tours, or any kind of activities we offer.


Quality of service 

Our dedicated and highly motivated team is always on hand to make each and every trip memorable, safe, and pleasant. With the best price guarantee, we offer an international level of quality in service and professional behavior during the entire trip. Our guides, leaders, and crew members are always flexible to accommodate any requirements as much as possible. The friendly and helpful nature of our team always makes your trip hassle-free and well-organized. We provide the best available accommodation, food, and guidance during your entire trip, which costs more than you expected. We have a good relationship with our service providers that ensures the best of the best services on a quality basis. 

Contribution to Society

We invest some of our income and profit in the growth and development of our community, which helps to enhance the daily livelihood of our society. We are involved in various social and voluntary campaigns that have a direct impact on society, such as cleaning campaigns, organizing free health camps, and awareness campaigns about the protection and conservation of nature. We are also committed to the sustainable development of remote places, focusing on the educational needs of the children, and we spread awareness about the potential of Nepal’s tourism industry throughout the world. Hence, choosing Footprint Adventure is not just booking a trip but also directly contributing to the growth and development of Nepalese society and helping them to uplift their livelihood.

Personalized and Tailored Trips

Footprint Adventure is a pioneer in customization and tailoring trips according to your needs and requirements. Our travel experts and experienced guides will help to design the perfect trips for you that will match your interests and special requests on the booking confirmation, managing accommodations, transportation, and other services to ensure that you’ll get the perfect and hassle-free trips in Nepal. Not only privately, but also we made plans for the groups in such a way that you could avoid frustrating experiences, and the ultimate goal is a seamless, fun, and hassle-free experience. First, we explain each and every detail of the respective trips; we then let you choose from your own perspective, and we redesign the trip in a personalized way. 

Pre Trek Briefiing

Award-Winning Company 

Footprint Adventure is one of the leading and reputed travel agencies in Nepal. We’ve had the privilege of serving more than 5,000 plus clients in a short period of time across the globe. With the service from our enthusiastic team and dedication from all the team members working 24/7, we’ve earned enough trust from returning clients. As a result, we’ve been awarded the “TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2022”. We’ve also been certified into the “ Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame,” an achievement awarded to travel agencies dedicated to excellent customer care and top-class service.

24/7 Customer Support 

Footprint Adventure is actively working from different continents across the world such as Australia, Japan, Europe, Canada, the UK, North America, and South America. As a result, we can respond to your queries on time and, if needed, we’ll come to meet you at your place as well. We respond via social media, emails, phone calls, website chat, and physically also, if necessary and possible. We value your time and we believe in professionalism as well, so we respond to your queries as soon as possible. If you want to know more about the contact details of the Footprint Adventure Team across the world, click here

Higher Success Rate (98% success)

Best guidance, quality of service, effort from our team members, organized plans and trips, preparedness before each trip, safety, and security will lead to a successful journey.  This is how we operate, and we’ve got the maximum success rate on our trips, including Everest Base Camp trekking, peak climbing, and other popular tours in the Himalayas. We focus on keeping you healthy, safe, and fit by doing all that must be done before the journey.

Safety of our customers 

Complying with safety rules and regulations is a paramount concern of Footprint Adventure. We do care for all the clients and our crew members as well. In our itinerary, we mentioned each and every minor detail of the trip: we provide fresh and hygienic foods; we provide a clean room with the best available during the trekking; we provide a professional and experienced trekking leader during the trip; we provide emergency backup plans and a first aid kit during the trekking that ensure your trip is fully safe and secure. 

Our guides are certified by a government organization. They’ve also taken first aid and safety training and are well acquainted with the mountain culture, terrain, landscapes, weather, and other possible consequences. Besides this, our guides, porters, and other crew members are fully insured. We frequently keep in touch with our trekking leaders during the trips as well, so that we can get information about our guests on time.

Government-Certified Guides and Crew Team 

The major reason behind our 98% success rate on most treks and trips is the highly professional, enthusiastic, government-certified, and experienced team members and crew. Our guides are certified and licensed by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, including the Department of Tourism. They are also certified by the HRA (Himalayan Rescue Association) for Acute Mountain Sickness and its preventive measures. They are also certified by the NMA ( Nepal Medical Council) in the safety and first aid treatment of mountainous areas. It is imperative to trust the training and certification from various organizations as well as several years of experience when you are planning to trek in Nepal and the great Himalayan trails. All the trekking leaders, guides, and crew team members of the Footprint Adventure are well-trained, knowledgeable about the mountain culture and lifestyle, first aid certified, and fluent in speaking English. Footprint Adventure reimburses more and better than other companies for its team members. We provide leadership training and communication skills development sessions that further strengthen our team members' skills and knowledge.

Sustainable & Responsible Tourism 

In support of the future of tourism, we are committed to carrying out sustainable and responsible tourism in all aspects of our work. We aim to bring long-term change, benefits for Mother Nature, and a positive impact on the local people. Making a positive impact on mother nature, our society, and the economy as a tourist contributes to making a better place to live in and a better place for people to visit and explore more. 

As a responsible tour and trekking operators, we must be cautious to provide education and take necessary actions to implement how our actions and habits can minimize the impact on the environment and create maximum opportunities for the local people, who have lived for hundreds of years waiting for a better life. 

Footprint Adventure Team for Plantation Program

Footprint Adventure is committed to creating more job opportunities for the local people and empowering the local youth to engage in the field of tourism and make it a career. Besides this, we protect the local culture, festivals, and traditions by performing them in the traditional way. We spread awareness about the preservation and protection of wildlife and nature. The major motto of Footprint Adventure for making tourism a sustainable way is the conservation of the natural environment, supporting local businesses by engaging the youth, and promoting and protecting traditional culture and festivals.

A Pioneer in Organizing Solo Female Travel & Treks 

Traveling to an unknown country for a female is always a big question, and choosing the right operator for them is also a difficult part as a solo female traveler. But, Footprint Adventure is one of the most trusted agencies that offer the best service, safety, guidance, and information for solo female travelers. However, Nepal is considered one of the safest and most widely chosen destinations for solo female travelers. So, once you enter Nepal, the warm hospitality from local people, respect for women, and easy access to almost all the places for normal people, along with humble and honest people, can help you anywhere across the country. However, as a traveler, you have to deal with so many new people, new cultures, and new places with diverse traditions, rules, and regulations. Footprint Adventure will always be there to assist you with dealing with such things. 

Solo female trekker near Ama Dablam