Nepal is a landlocked country, the southern, easter, and the western part is covered by India, and the northern part is covered by China. So, except for seaways transportation, you can find all other means of transportation in Nepal. The country is almost filled with high mountains, rugged terrain, high hills, and diverse geographical structure. The transportation system here in Nepal is interesting. Normally the lower land of Nepal is more connected with roadways. The hills and mountains regions are partially connected with roads and partially connected with airways. The most used means of transportation in Nepal are. 

Public Vehicles

Public vehicles in Nepal are not that luxurious and well-maintained though if you drive for long routes buses you will get more facilities. But, these are the cheapest and most amazing modes to travel where you will feel the local authentic vibes. Sometimes, it’s impossible to get a seat on local buses as you’ve to travel by standing in the middle of the bus.  These local vehicles include long route buses, city buses, and Hiace. 

Tourist Vehicles

In comparison to public vehicles, these vehicles are more comfortable, luxurious, and well-maintained. The seats are guaranteed for all the passengers and they do not bring extra people. These vehicles are bigger and broader in size which means you find them more comfortable while sitting. The tourist vehicles include Tourist buses, Hiace, Car, and Van. These vehicles are a little more expensive than public vehicles but obviously, tourist vehicles are much more comfortable. 

Private Vehicles

You can hire/rent private vehicles in Nepal as well. If you have customized trips for Nepal, we can manage the transportation according to you. Private jeeps, cars, and motorcycles are the popular mode of private transportation in Nepal. These are more luxurious, well maintained, clean, and good in condition. They are expensive as compared to public and tourist vehicles. While traveling in Nepal, you can see more private vehicles like bikes and cars on the road.  

Tempo, Rickshaw

For the short trip, and within the specificity, you can use Tempo and Rickshaw as well. For the city excursion and city tour in any specific city, these might be the best choice for a new experience. In the street of Thamel, you can see so many Rickshaws. They are cheap and easily available on nearby streets.  

Air Transportation

Air transportation in Nepal is quite popular as you can see numerous airlines operating different domestic flights across the country. Another best part of air transportation is you can experience a bird’s eye view of the diverse landscapes of Nepal. Plane lands, valleys, hills, and mountains can be seen from a single flight within a certain minute of flight. The local flights normally fly for big cities like Pokhara, Chitwan, Nepaljung, Dhangadi, Jhapa, Biratnagar, etc. In these cities, Buddha Air, Yeti Air, Simrik Air, Guna Air, Nepal Airlines, and Shree Airlines. These airlines normally have 70-80 seater ATR aircraft. Besides these, in mountainous regions like Luka, Jomsom, Dolpa, Rara, and other parts of the hilly region, the flights are operated by Tara Air, Sita Air, Summit Air, and Nepal Airlines. There you can find small twinater aircraft of 15-20 seater. Flying in these aircraft would be the most dramatic flight of your life. There is an availability of helicopter services as well. They are quite expensive in all means of transportation in Nepal but they are one of the most memorable adventures of your lifetime.