Mina Karki

Mina, a business studies student, works at Footprint Adventure as a knowledgeable and dedicated accountant. She currently resides in Gongabu, Kathmandu, however she is originally from Dhading. She is presently pursuing a bachelor's degree in business studies with a finance concentration. In addition to storing and analyzing account data, Mina is in charge of creating financial reports. She also manages accounts for the government. She enjoys traveling, reading books, and listening to music.She is also the youngest member in Footprint Adventures. She manages the business's financial concerns. Additionally, she has been given a number of duties, including filing bills, creating budgets for the tours and treks, and managing payments to the agents. 

She excels in collaborating with others to successfully complete a task on schedule.She works carefully to complete her duties and offers the Operation Team all assistance she can. She is in charge of managing a number of responsibilities, including taking phone calls, directing customers with questions, and scheduling transportation for both tours and trekking. She also frequently updates our tour and trekking guides on their needs and locations.

She remarks, "So far the journey has been a tremendous experience for me," when asked about her time in Footprint. Thanks to the friendly workplace atmosphere and the staff's encouragement and assistance.Mina is further seeking for travel and explore Nepal with the company in future.