35,000 Nepalis congregate in Tundikhel for largest human flag

Thousands of people congregated at Tundikhel in the Capital on Saturday in their attempt to send the message of national unity wherever the Nepali people are living.

The Human Value for Peace and Prosperity assembled around 35,000 people carrying placards at Tundikhel and a portrait of Nepali flag was made for establishing the Guinness World Records for the largest human flag .

The largest Nepali human flag was captured in the camera from a helicopter. Earlier in February, 29,040 Pakistani nationals had gathered at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore to form the worlds largest human flag .

The video contents recorded during the course of making the worlds largest human flag would be collected and sent for Guinness Book of World Records as a proof, said Chairman of the event organizing committee Bhabesh Khanal.

The organiser plans to send the signatures of Chairperson of Maiti Nepal Anuradha Koirala, lyricist of the national anthem Byakul Maila and Chief Executive Officer of the Mega Bank Anil Shah with the video footage, he added.

The human flag is 128 metres wide and 168 metres long.

During the programme, Minister for Youth and Sports Purushottam Poudel said the formation of the flag with the participation of a large mass would display the message of unity and national feeling.


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