Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock climbing in Nepal is an awesome, adventurous and popular sport for having basic skills especially if you are looking for or thinking of mountaineering, peak climbing or expedition any time in life. Nepal is a rich country in terms of its difficult terrain, rocky hills, straight rock cliffs, any part of country you travel to you will encounter thrilling rocks, cliffs with majestic cliffs, and you will undoubtedly have lifetime experience. Rock climbing trip can also be combined with trekking, mountaineering, natural walk, bird watching and many other adventurous sports in Nepal.

Rock climbing here in Nepal has been one another most popular sports lately. It is because there are numerous of natural rock faces in majestic settings both within the Kathmandu valley and outside. It is undoubtedly that Nepal is blessed with natural rocks, boulders, tracks, offering you ample of rock climbing opportunities.  There are amazingly terrific, dizzying, straight rocks and crawling up cliffs everywhere challenging you to come and try at least once to climb up with the help of fingernails. Inside Kathmandu valley, especially the rock climbing sport is popular at Nagarjun, Bajaju jungle, Shivapuri watershed and wildlife reserve areas as well in Hattiban, way to go to Phulchowki, the best view point adjoining Kathmandu valley for having mesmerizing scenery of Kathmandu valley as well as amazing mountain vista.

Take example of rock climbing in Nagarjun forest, the rock cliffs situated at northwest of the Shoyambhunath stupa are best suit for both beginners as well as for the well-experienced rock climbers. The rocks are straight tall about 20 to 30 meter height and there are several piton-equipped routes in order you to help find the way to get to the top. There is one another perfect place for climbing, at Shivapuri jungle, situated at the north of Kathmandu valley. There are numerous of rocks and stone cliffs, where there are possible to have rock climbing trip here and there. Shivapuri is also famous jungle for having bird watching as well as natural walk trip. Therefore, the rock climbing trip in both Shivapuri as well as in Nagarjun jungle can be combined with the bird-watching as well as natural walk trip.

Rock climbing site at Balaju is situated about 30 min. away by car or bicycle, which is the nearest climbing site in the capital. There are more than 22 climbing routes, ranging from easy rocks to the toughest rock cliffs, which in order you to prepare for climbing rocky and sloppy boulders if in case, you are looking for having peak climbing or expedition trip in any time in your life. Therefore, there are ample of places for beginners, intermediate and the professional climbers across Nepal. Besides, Kathmandu valley there are hosts of other areas, any areas you travel across Nepal, either you go to Pokhara or Sagarmath region, or others, rock climbing trip is possible everywhere, and there are ample of places in Nepal offering such adventurous sport and great opportunity offering essential skills in life.

Rock climbing trip is also combined with hiking, natural walk, bird-watching and numerous other trips, therefore why rock climbing trip has been one of the most demanded and popular these days. Rock climbing is popular not merely as it is adventurous but rock climbing trip is necessary, if you are willing to have peak climbing. During rock climbing trip, you will learn the basics of essential skills of using rope, knots, tying to different types of harnesses, holding, lowering and rappelling, risks,  using of climbing devices, safety methods, anchor and so forth, which are necessary while having mountaineering trip.

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