Aastha Singh Thakuri

Astha was born in Nepal and has been residing in Sydney, Australia. Since 2019, she has served as our representative in Australia. She is committed to assisting Australian vacationers with planning and managing their trips.She is a cheerful, amiable lady, making it simple for tourists to organise their journey with her.

Ms. Thakuri enjoys travelling and discovering new places and cultures as an adventure enthusiast. She has already visited some of our locations and gained first-hand knowledge of our offerings. She is qualified to assist you in planning your vacation and is able to speak with the Australian group.

Her favourite job as our representative is assisting travellers to reach Nepal so they can start their long-awaited adventure.Each year she spends some months in the Himalayas of Nepal. She is enjoying taking the time to explore the Himalayas and gain new experiences with Footprint Adventures.