Dhiraj Thapa Chhetri

Mr. Thapa, who was born in Kathmandu, is an exceptional team member at Footprint Adventures. He is an adventurous human who enjoys engaging in risky activities such as taking street photography, trekking, camping, hiking, kickboxing, editing, and experimenting on computers. He has participated in travel and shoots on a global scale, taken a variety of daring images, and even played a part in travel documentaries and short films. He has also done work in the film industry.

Because he was so enthusiastic about freezing time, he became interested in and educated himself in photography. He is of the opinion that "photographs contain the potential to capture the moment for future generations."

Because of Footprint Adventure, he is able to be equally interested in travel and nature photography, and he loves discovering many recognized and unknown sites in Nepal. He is extremely thankful to Footprint Adventure for this opportunity. He is of the opinion that having rapid reflexes is necessary for capturing natural and interesting photographs.

“Photography is a form of time travel!”