Pratikcha Karki

Pratikcha Karki is a 23-year-old adventurer and a passionate explorer from Sikkim. Currently pursuing her Masters's Degree in English from distance education, Pratikcha finds her happy place out in the wilderness and the impeccable beauty of nature. She is always ready for adventure, her bags always packed, and her mind always full of curiosities. Her first ever trek was to Tilicho lake, Nepal, and that is when she realized she has fallen in love with the mountains and trails that decorate the curve of hills. She then decided to romanticize her life with more adventures, more experiences unfolding. She says “sacred lakes and mountains are sanctuaries to this solivagant.”

Besides her love for adventure and trekking, she also loves to document her journey. Her camera has therefore been her best companion to her all destinations, filming the best moments which will exist to become her best memories.

Pratikcha believes that mountains have brought about a significantly healthy transformation in her. Joining Footprint Adventure, she says, has made her realize that she has a unique opportunity to deliver the same experience she has had so far to people all over the world.

She has had opportunities to interact and listen to new and inspiring stories from other fellow adventurers and trekkers on the trail; which she says has given her broader perspectives and helped expand her horizons.