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Nepal is a trekking paradise with hiking trails up to the highest peaks on earth--the snowy Himalaya. Along the way, encounter glorious scenery and heartwarming cultural experiences.

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Nepal is famous worldwide for trekking. The trekking trails of Nepal range from lush, subtropical lowlands through fertile Himalayan foothills and up to spectacular mountainous highlands revealing a paradise of majestic natural scenery along with magnificent cultural experiences. Nepal’s trails take trekkers up close to be face-to-face with the highest peaks on the planet—the glorious Himalaya towering into the skies. Along the way on Nepal’s trails, trekkers can enjoy continual natural beauty at nearly every turn of the journey while experiencing meaningful cultural interactions, historical treasures, spiritual activities and much more.

If trekkers are reasonably physically fit, then Nepal’s marvelous trails can be a wonderful pleasure. No prior skills are required for trekking in Nepal--simply an interest in hiking along some of the most beautiful terrain that this planet offers. Possibilities range from shorter and relatively easy treks to more rigorous and physically demanding and rewarding journeys, too.

Some trekking areas have well-furnished lodges, especially along the more popular routes—this allows relative comfort and ease while traveling. Other areas require camping or home-stay and route-finding can be more adventurous. Nepal really has something for every style and for first-time visitors to seasoned mountaineers and nearly every level in-between. Trekking journeys can be arranged whether you have only a few days or months to spend in the Himalaya, many possible itineraries are available to choose from along a spectrum that depends on time frame and level of interest.

As a brief introduction to trekking, life in the hills follows natural rhythms and patterns. Hikers generally move at the pace of local timings and trekkers can of course move at their own pace, too, along paths that connect settlements and link up snack, meal, and drink rest-stops as well as nightly stopover way points. Many of the trails follow ancient trade routes between Nepal, India and Tibet and most of these routes are still vital today.

In general, trekking in Nepal includes an average of about 5 hours a day of hiking with breaks as needed along the way. The distance covered is typically 9 to 14 km (5 to 9 mi) per day and of course that distance varies according to terrain and trail type. Pace and style can be adjusted depending on one’s own preferences and level of enthusiasm and there really is no set style that is best for everyone. There is usually ample time for photography and other personal interests, too, as trekker’s move through the natural and cultural paradise of Nepal.

There will be plenty of subject material to photograph in Nepal as trails pass through forests with local flora and fauna, cultivated areas with terraced fields and up to desolate highlands—highlands typically formed by glaciers and surrounded by sky scraping peaks dressed in snow.

Most trails in Nepal are graced with shrines and occasionally temples and monasteries revealing the sacredness of the mountains and highlands—sacred to the local Hindus and Buddhists. The contrasts in altitudes and climates provides a wealth of biodiversity and experiences, too, while moving within and between zones. The diverse ethnic groups that inhabit Nepal will occupy distinct areas along treks, too, and each ethnicity has its own unique characteristics and traditions. Trekking in Nepal can open a window of insight into traditional rural lifestyles and ancient heritages that underlie their ways of life.

You are heartily invited to share a journey of a lifetime in Nepal. There are many treks to choose from to find the adventure (or two and more) of your dreams--choices are available for every style and most journeys can be tailor-made, too, according to trekkers’ preferences. 

Trekking in this majestic natural paradise of Nepal has justifiably become famous around the world. Cultural treasures enhance the scenic natural treasures and make it even more worthwhile, enjoyable and memorable. Visit Nepal and experience an outdoor paradise. A trekking adventure in the Himalaya is calling, are you prepared to answer that call to adventure and discover Nepal’s trekking paradise?

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