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Nepal is such a beautiful destination for trekking and vacations. From the top of the world to the ancient cities, rich biodiversity, cultures, and architecture. Nepal has so many things to amaze you as a solo traveler, especially a solo female traveler. Nepal is normally considered one of the safest and widely chosen destinations by solo female travelers around the globe. The culture, tradition, society, and all the community’s behavior are totally in the favour of solo female travel in Nepal. Besides this, Nepal is now a federal republic democratic country where there are now any civil war, terrorism, and any kind of criminal activities going on. So, once you enter Nepal, the warm hospitality from local people, respect for women, and easy access to almost all the places for normal people along with humble and honest people can help you anywhere across the country. However, as a traveler, you have to deal with so many new peoples, new cultures, and new places with diverse traditions, rules, and regulations. There are a few things that you should keep in mind while traveling in Nepal as a solo female. 

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Safety is the primary concern for solo female travel

Although, Nepal is the safest country for solo female travelers. You won’t feel regret while walking, hiking, and exploring the different places of Nepal. People are welcoming, they will guide you if you are solo on any trip and even you get a chance to meet so many solo female travelers on the way actually. However, while traveling in Nepal, for the safety concern, get all the necessary information of the trails, collect all the necessary emergency contact no, as much as possible book the trip with a local travel agency, or ask all the necessary help from them before you leave for any trips. For common robberies and other crimes, you can use your own common sense as well, though these are not very common in Nepal. Besides this, earthquakes, avalanches in mountains, landslides, and floods during the monsoon season are frequent in Nepal. So, as a solo female traveler or normal traveler, these things should be kept in mind, and take the necessary precautions.


Know about culture and religions

Nepal is mostly Hindu, Buddhist, and a few other religions though it’s a secular state but deeply religious country as compared to European and western countries. So, it is very essential that dress modestly, basically while visiting temples, monasteries, stupas and festivals, and big occasions. In Nepalese culture “Namaste” is the first greeting ( by holding your palms together in front of your chest) is the respectful way to say hello and further communication. Nepalese men are mostly respectful and protective especially for solo female travelers whether you are in high mountains or on any cultural and religious tours.  There will be exceptions sometimes but in most of the places in Nepal, there are no negative feelings towards the solo female travels in Nepal. 

Trekking is safe for solo females?

If you are trekking in undiscovered trails and unexplored routes in high mountains, for both men and women, it is advisable to take a guide or assistance from a local travel agency. Not only in those trails but also in the popular trails like Annapurna Region, Everest Region, and many more popular trekking trails in Nepal. For safety and high mountains are always dangerous for all the trekkers including solo and group because of landscape, trails, weather and so many other factors. With the proper information, guidance, and knowledge of the routes, you can make your dream true in Nepal. 

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Cost of Nepal trips for solo female travelers? 

Normally for the Nepal visit, initially you can pay the visa charge to enter inside Nepal. For the fooding, accommodations, transportations and other costs, you can check our guidebook or the related packages. In general, Nepal is one of the cheapest for trekking, tours, and any kind of adventure activities as compared to other countries. 

Besides this information, when you book any trips with a local agency, make sure that they are legal, authorized and do not hesitate to ask about the backgrounds of the guide/sherpa, references, and points of contact. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for the photographs of the guide, his/her license details, your trekking itinerary, and that you are sending all those details to your own parents. Also, travel insurance is very important while traveling in Nepal, especially in high mountains. So, make sure that you have proper insurance coverage for any kind of sudden incidents. 

Footprint Adventure is deeply working for solo female travel in Nepal. We are trying to gain 100% faith and trust from the solo females in Nepal, as we are providing special services to those females who are willing to explore the beauty of Nepal through their eyes. We are committed to professional services during the trip, safety, security along with proper guidance and taking care. 

We have a guidebook for Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and many more other popular destinations in Nepal. You can go through and read the details of travel and trekking packages of Nepal. For more details regarding solo female travel in Nepal, please feel free to contact us anytime.