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Food in Nepal is one of the must-try things while you are in Nepal. Nepal offers varieties of local and international taste that makes you “mouth-watering” when you start to explore it. Thamel is technically recognized as the city's party core and the most well-known tourist destination in Nepal, making it a Tourism Hub for the industry. Thamel is a little neighborhood in the capital that has everything a tourist needs while visiting a country, from places to stay to cuisine to try. Thamel offers you the luxury you expect. Here is the list of some of the popular restaurants and coffee shops that offer a delicious taste for you.

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Although French Creperie, best for french, is one of the most well-known and finest restaurants in Pokhara, most people are unaware that it also has its outlet in Kathmandu. If you're looking for a new place to eat in Thamel, French Creperie is a must-visit. It's located down a side street and around the corner off the main road. It will gratify you just as much as the Pokhara, despite the small space.

Grilled Chicken


OR2K, a Mediterranean restaurant in Thamel, is arguably one of the most popular for tourists. It's smack in the heart of the action, with a wonderful vibe and a vegetarian menu that includes some vegan options. Above all, it serves the best Mediterranean cuisine in the area. This eatery serves wonderful fresh cuisine, from falafels to hummus. The only issue is that it becomes very crowded during peak hours, however, the vegan crème Brulee is a must-try meal. It would be great if you visit there for dinner where you’ll enjoy the cool lighting and ambiance. 


It may sound a little strange to talk about fries in a must-visit restaurant in Thamel, but BK's provides the best French Fries in Thamel if not all of Nepal. If you're an American, traveling may make you miss home, and even something as basic as delicious fries can make a hard day of travel look fantastic. BK's is known for its Belgian-style fries, which are crispy on the exterior, soft on the inside, and just salty enough. Nothing compares to the taste of its special sauce.

BKS Place


Himalayan Java is Nepal's Starbucks and the first cafe in Kathmandu that serves proper coffee. Its portable outlets can be found in practically every area of Nepal. Importing their coffee beans from Nepal's alpine areas, you may find their outlets at the country's most famous places, such as Manang, Mustang, and even Namche Bazaar - the Everest gate away serving a good cup of coffee after a long day. It is one of Nepal's most highly recommended places for honey lattes if you have a sweet craving, as well as a sound workspace if you're in need of a reliable wireless connection.

Himalayan Java


Fire and Ice are known for serving the tastiest pizza in Nepal, serving the best pizza in Nepal for more than 20 years and it's simple to see why. They deliver authentic Italian flavor pizza baked in a brick oven with a light crispy crust and a great combination of sauce and cheese in an equal ratio. It is well-known not only among foreigners but also among Nepalese citizens. It also provides some delectable Italian cuisine, so if you're in the mood for some delicious Italian food, this is without a doubt the place to go. Besides pizza, they serve pasta and assortments of salads and desserts. 


Hankook Sarang is arguably the finest spot to try new Korean food if you've just begun eating Korean food or want to try something new. Hankook Sarang has remodeled their restaurant atmosphere, which now includes both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as the option of following the Korean national custom of shooting photos as a keepsake to take home. You can order the Kimbab (Korean style sushi roll) and bibimbap (a rice bowl with a variety of toppings) and a slice of very famous pork set with varieties of side dishes including the famous kimchi and the rice bowl served along with it.


Some of the tastiest Japanese food you'll ever have may be found at Momotarou. It has several locations throughout Nepal, one of which is right here in Thamel and serves the greatest food you'll ever taste in Nepal. Everything on the menu is made to order. They serve a variety of meals, including sweet tofu, udon noodles with vegetables, and prawns with egg over rice, all of which are delicious. The meal is served with Japanese tea, miso soup, and pickled beets, and it comes in at a relatively reasonable $5 each, making it one of the most full and healthy dinners you'll ever have.


If you haven't tried the country's national dish, your trip isn't worth it. When visiting Nepal, dal bhat is a must-try to realize what you've been missing out on in life in your pursuit for protein in the foods you eat, and Gaia is one of the finest restaurants in Thamel providing you the best dal bhat to conquer your heart. They're also known for serving Thamel's outstanding chicken curries. Aside from that, they have a fantastic outdoor seating space with a friendly staff. This is a beautiful neighborhood to hang out in and eat in general.


Another great thing to do in Thamel is to stumble into Rosemary's kitchen for dinner. It's a lovely high-end restaurant with candlelit dining tables and soft classical music playing in the background to compliment the delectable cuisine. One of the best western meal style restaurants in Thamel is the rosemary kitchen. Not to mention that it is more expensive than others, but the taste of the cuisine, delivered to perfection, will more than makeup for the cost.

Food in rosemary kitchen


The Gilingche Tibetan Restaurant is undoubtedly one of the most affordable locations in Thamel. However, it is an excellent spot to sample authentic Tibetan cuisine. The most delicious soup you'll ever taste is thenthuk soup, which consists of thick noodles, vegetables, and your choice of protein. Must add, their Tibetan spices are remarkable. As a favorite hangout for locals and tourists, the place is rather crowded at dinner time, however, you can find plenty of space in the afternoon.


The Kaiser Cafe is the place to go if you're searching for a view and relaxed ambiance while enjoying wonderful meals and refreshments. While eating delicious meals, you can gaze out at Thamel's or even the city's most popular destination, The Garden of Dreams, which is lined with pavilions, fountains, and urns. It's a wonderful location to relax with a cup of tea and a slice of pie while reading a book.

himalayan java


In search of the most relaxing spots in Thamel Most of the travelers roaming the alleys of Thamel have praised Phat Kath. The tiny passageway and upstairs ambiance make it feel like a treehouse, with branches hanging over the outside space, going to make you feel like you're in the coziest spot away from the city's hustle and bustle. Furthermore, the soothing music, plush seating areas, and soothing paintings, paired with excellent food, hookah, and board games, make it a perfect location to relax. Pathkath is well-known for its burgers and fries, and if you're a burger lover, Pathkath is the place to go.

Besides these restaurants and cafes in Thamel, you can explore much more when you are in Nepal. The country is a prime destination for the food hunters where you can be served delicious Newari food, Nepali Dal Bhat set, Sherpa food, the taste of the terai region, and many more. The beautiful part of Nepal is, you’ll get a diverse taste when you travel from one city/town to another. For more details regarding food exploration in Nepal, please contact us anytime.