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In conclusion, trip reviews are an essential aspect of Footprint Adventure's commitment to providing quality adventure experiences. We encourage our clients to share their experiences with us and take all feedback seriously. Our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart as a leading adventure activity organizer in Nepal.


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    A special EBC trek with Footprint

    Sam J,November 19, 2022

    The company does business in a professional and polite manner, accommodating my group's varied itinerary requests and adjustments and tailoring their program for the group's overall advantage.
    Special thanks to our guide Ganesh and our porters Prem and Chring for always going above and beyond to look out for us, even in challenging circumstances like severe weather and challenging terrain where our bodies were worn out. Importantly, our guide has the ability to judge what is best for us, allowing us to enjoy the trek while offloading our worries to him. As a result, we can concentrate on the journey while he handles all the logistical and administrative details. Our porters were also incredibly professional and laid-back, able to execute the best strategy and effortlessly carry our bags while energizing us despite any language barriers. The leave no-trace principle in the mountains is really a good effort and we appreciate Footprint Adventure's effort for cleaning trips in the mountains. We really enjoyed that too. 

    Overall excellent experience, and hiring Ganesh, Prem, and Chring under the agency's service is strongly advised.

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    Incredible experience in such period of time

    Mario. T,November 18, 2022

    The Footprint Adventure team was excellent, in addition to the beautiful surroundings among the Himalayan peaks. The organization appeared to be highly customer-centered with an intent to make sure I was at ease, from picking me up from Tribhuban Airport to the hotels, scheduling the domestic flights, organizing the trekking equipment, and communicating. All the while, I've felt really secure and at ease. The guide and support staff went above and above to ensure our safety and comfort, particularly during the trip. The team's efforts to make the entire trip unforgettable made us incredibly appreciative. I wholeheartedly endorse it.

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    Professional and amazing team of Footprint Adventure

    Silvia Raut,November 17, 2022

    As a couple who didn't go with a group, we just finished the full Annapurna circuit trek with the Footprint Adventure team. I'm happy to say that it was perfect! Sharan was very responsive to our needs and helped us plan a trip that fit our needs and interests. He also made sure we were taken care of on arrival and during transfers. Our guide Ramesh was very professional and made sure we had everything we needed along the way. Ramesh has been trekking for years, and the fact that he knew the best places to eat and sleep along the way gave us a lot of confidence. We learned a lot about the culture of Nepal, and we also made a great new friend. We can't say enough good things about Footprint Adventure and Rmaesh. "Dal bhat power, 24 hour!"

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    UNREAL! The best company, the best hosts, and the best trek I've ever taken, hands down.

    Ted,November 11, 2022

    We had everything planned out from the start, all the way to the end.

    Ganesh, our guide, was great! A real pro who was very friendly and helpful the whole time. I can't remember how many good talks and laughs we had on the trek. They were always able to solve problems.

    Ratna and Shiva our porters were just as good at their jobs, and it was like traveling with more friends. People often sang and danced, and it was encouraged. The scenery was amazing the whole way.

    At each tea house, the food was amazing. As much fun as it was to be in the forests or on the snow, it was to face challenges.

    This trip was one you did not want to miss. At first, I didn't know what to expect, so I just let our hosts lead the way. It turned out to be way better than I could have imagined, and I'll never forget it.

    Will be back soon to see everyone and do it all over again.

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    Manaslu with Footprint Adventure- A lifetime experience

    Sharkj,November 10, 2022

    We just finished the Manaslu circuit with Footprint Adventure, which was a great choice.
    Sharan sent us many emails and kept us up to date on what was going on in Nepal while we were waiting for COVID to end and for us to finally be able to go on our trek. He met us at the airport when we got there and had everything set up by the next day. The next day, we left.

    Our trek was great, and we can't say enough good things about our guide, Lokesh. We saw a lot of animals that other groups didn't see because he knew where to look. He also helped us find great tea houses where the food was good and we didn't have any stomach problems ( which being my 4th trip to Nepal is unusual).

    Everything went well, and there wasn't a single problem.

    I would recommend these guys as guides, especially Lokesh.

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    Unforgettable experience to the Everest Base Camp

    Mariana. T,November 10, 2022

    My two-week trip was from the end of January to the beginning of February 2023. It was an amazing thing to do. During the trek, The Footprint Adventure and especially my guide Abhishek made sure I was safe, had a great time, and learned a lot. One feels safe and can call the office in Kathmandu at any time before or after a trip to the Himalayas. During the trek, both the guide and the porter, Chhring, made sure that I could take it easy and relax thanks to the planned route so that I could get to Everest Base Camp. This was a special moment for me, and my guide Abhishek and my porter Chhiring were there to share it with me. The two people who worked at Footrprint Adventure helped me have a good time and do well. Above all, my guide Abhishek made sure that every night I got a short rundown of what was going to happen the next day. He also tells interesting and useful things about the mountains, Nepal, and the people who live there. Abhishek is a very service-oriented, friendly, and polite porter who takes care of your luggage and helps you a lot during the trip. He also has a smile on his face all the time. All of this makes the Footprint Adventure trip something special that I would recommend to anyone. I can't think of anything that could make the trip better, because it was such a great experience. I want to thank everyone on the team, especially Abhishek and Chhiring, for the great experience and time.

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    The safest and the best Annapurna Circuit Trek

    Louis. S,November 06, 2022

    Many people think that trekking in the Himalayas is hard, but it's not as hard as people think. I've been there a few times and would say that most treks are safe and have good food and places to stay. Compared to many other treks we did in southeast Asia, we even feel spoiled.
    We went on the Annapurna Circuit Trek with a group of friends this time, and everything was great. Even crossing the Thorong La Pass, which was scary because it is the highest mountain pass in the world, was fine.
    This is when we use a good local trekking company like Footprint Adventure, which took care of all the arrangements and made sure we had everything we needed. Sharan and his team did an amazing job and knew a lot about the area. You guys are just great! We can forget about our worries and just enjoy the moment.

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    18Days Gokyo and EBC trek

    Lean Chin Hee,November 06, 2022

    I just returned from 18Days EBC + Gokyo trekking and had an amazing adventure trekking. Thanks to mr Madhav responded to my Whatsapp promptly and was able to answer my questions quickly. The views during the trekking were beautiful and fantastic. As I’m a first timer on high altitude and freezing temperature, I felt completely safe and ease. Trek to Gokyo lake were my favourite hotels (Fitzroy Inn) of the trip. The foods was also great. Overall the trek to EBC and Gokyo, had the most amazing adventure and experience in my life. My guide mr Abhishek and the porter, were friendly and attentive. For example, he noticed that I liked Masala tea so much that he order it for me every day. Thanks again footprint organised an amazing trip for me and hopefully will see you again for a future trip to Nepal.A