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    The safest and the best Annapurna Circuit Trek

    Louis. S,November 06, 2022

    Many people think that trekking in the Himalayas is hard, but it's not as hard as people think. I've been there a few times and would say that most treks are safe and have good food and places to stay. Compared to many other treks we did in southeast Asia, we even feel spoiled.
    We went on the Annapurna Circuit Trek with a group of friends this time, and everything was great. Even crossing the Thorong La Pass, which was scary because it is the highest mountain pass in the world, was fine.
    This is when we use a good local trekking company like Footprint Adventure, which took care of all the arrangements and made sure we had everything we needed. Sharan and his team did an amazing job and knew a lot about the area. You guys are just great! We can forget about our worries and just enjoy the moment.

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    18Days Gokyo and EBC trek

    Lean Chin Hee,November 06, 2022

    I just returned from 18Days EBC + Gokyo trekking and had an amazing adventure trekking. Thanks to mr Madhav responded to my Whatsapp promptly and was able to answer my questions quickly. The views during the trekking were beautiful and fantastic. As I’m a first timer on high altitude and freezing temperature, I felt completely safe and ease. Trek to Gokyo lake were my favourite hotels (Fitzroy Inn) of the trip. The foods was also great. Overall the trek to EBC and Gokyo, had the most amazing adventure and experience in my life. My guide mr Abhishek and the porter, were friendly and attentive. For example, he noticed that I liked Masala tea so much that he order it for me every day. Thanks again footprint organised an amazing trip for me and hopefully will see you again for a future trip to Nepal.A

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    Experience of a Lifetime !

    Vivinda,November 05, 2022

    If you wish to plan a fulfilling experience with people who truly care about your journey into the off-beat path and respect the culture and traditions of their country,
    sign up with Footprint Adventures!

    We met one of the key members of FA - Sharan Karki during our EBC trek last year. So friendly and approachable. Am so glad we took his contact and connected with him this year for our NarPhu and Kangla pass trek, as part of Annapurna circuit journey.
    We were blessed to be assigned the best guide I have ever had, on such a challenging snow trek. At just 23yrs old, Ramesh is one of huge most helpful, knowledgable, modest and caring guides I have had the pleasure of trekking with. He took great care in arranging our stays and food during this trek. More importantly, he was with me almost every step of the way. Despite having done about 8 Himalayan treks of varying intensities, I am still quite scared of heights especially when I have to traverse mountain edges and snow filled terrains and steep declines. Ramesh was with me throughout to extend a helping hand. Kangla pass is by no means a cake-walk in the snow and I couldn’t have successfully summitted it without Ramesh’s help. I wish him all the success in everything he does - he is an avid photographer, loves nature and wildlife (he spotted a fox on this trail) and immerses himself in the traditional culture wherever he goes. Having gone through difficulties at a tender age, we hope that life has only the best in store for him, hereon! Thankyou once again, Ramesh for your fabulous company and care during this trek… hope to sign up for many more with you.

    Book a trip with Footprint Adventures (FA) and it is surely one of the best things you would ever do!

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    Abhishek & The Footprints Team are amazing !

    Miriam Joan,November 01, 2022

    I had the best time doing the Everest base camp trek with Footprint Adventure. Our guide Abhishek (Abi) was so lovely that he quickly became a friend. Abi took care of us for the entire trek, making sure we were healthy and that we were having fun. His support went beyond the trek, he introduced us to Nepalese culture, wonderful food at local restaurants and played cards with us every evening.

    Despite me struggling with the altitude, Abi made sure that I was healthy and that I made it to base camp and back, I felt very supported. Our porters Ratna and Dughal were amazing, they were also very supportive and friendly.

    Footprint also arranged a further tailored tour for us including Chitwan and Lumbini, I highly recommend them as a company. They are friendly, knowledgeable and well organised.

    Together with Abi and the rest of the footprint team I had an amazing time. I cannot recommend footprint highly enough. I plan to come back to Nepal soon to do the Annapurna trek with them.

    Nepal and footprint make an amazing holiday.

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    Three Passes and Chitwan Safari

    Tracey C,October 29, 2022

    The trekking guide Ramesh was suggested to my companion and me. Our vacation was perfectly tailored by Ramesh, and it was unforgettable! We completed a Three Passes Trek variant, the EBC, and a brief stay in Chitwan. He advised us to go in a clockwise direction since, in my opinion, if we hadn't, we would have given up at Gorekshep. Ramesh was incredibly helpful and patient with us throughout our walk. I had to move very slowly across the high passes due to the altitude, from heel to toe. Ramesh was very patient with me because I was becoming impatient with my slow walking. He is more valuable than gold! He made efforts to phone ahead as much as possible to reserve the rooms, so we had no problems with them during our walk. He was aware of where to eat and stay. He paid close attention to our trekking requirements and made sure we had a blast. Ramesh comes highly recommended, and I'll be hiring him once more when I return to Nepal!

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    Best Trip of my Life ! with Footprint

    William,October 26, 2022

    I believe our trip was the most unforgettable of my life because it was so amazing. Little lakes, flowers, sincere and kind folks, exclusive accommodations, and unusual and distinctive "curry food" made Nepal a great place to visit. We face numerous difficulties as a result of AMS symptoms. One of the friendliest teams of guys I've ever worked with, our porters are also some of the hardest workers and strongest persons I've ever met. We have the best guide ever—Makaraj—who is powerful, incredibly knowledgable, and especially concerned about our collective health. We are the luckiest people in the world since Makaraj consciously and meticulously planned the Hindu celebration of Diwali so that we could have lovely memories. I celebrated my birthday in style in Namche Bazzar with the cutest birthday cake I've ever seen, made with love and generosity by Makaraj. Moreover, I want to thank Footprint Team for organizing the gorgeous Chopper that took me back to Lukla. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who made this event possible for me.

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    Without a hitch, everything about my time with Footprint Adventure was fantastic.

    Raj,October 26, 2022

    Due to the poor forecast, we had to reroute a large group from Everest Base Camp to Annapurna Base Camp. As a landslide closed the Annapurna Circuit and terrible weather forced the closure of Everest Base Camp, all of the tourists flocked to the ABC trail, but Mr. Ganesh was able to reschedule their trip in only a few hours.
    The company's professionals (especially our primary guide, Dipak), the other guides, and the porters were all trustworthy and did an excellent job.

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    A luxury trek to EBC, The dream come true

    Phil.B,October 25, 2022

    When my wife and I decided to accomplish a 5-year desire of trekking to Everest Base Camp, we chose Footprint Adventure. There are a lot of businesses to pick from, but their website caught our attention, and we loved that they were a Nepali business. Sharan was easy to get in contact with and quick to respond. He always replied as soon as he could (within a maximum of a 4-5 hour time difference). He took care of all the small details, and the booking went smoothly. Dipak, our tour guide, and a vehicle waited for us when we arrived in Kathmandu. 
    Our group of seven people was swiftly transported to our accommodation. That afternoon, we held a meeting in the Footprint's office to finalize the details and plan our city trip for the next day. The city tour was a fantastic way to view the Kathmandu Valley's highlights.
    Dipak has extensive industry knowledge and the proper connections. Flying into Lukla to start the trek can be weather-dependent, as it was for us. When it appeared that flights would not take place, Dipak and Sharan organized a helicopter journey for us. So that our expedition may begin promptly. Dipak's expertise and reputation became clear once we were on the trail. Without our knowledge, he took care of any necessary alterations for our walk, kept an eye on our health, and secured our lodging. 
    Dipak would give us the itinerary briefing for the following day at dinner every night. Each morning he was up early to greet us and give us a rundown of the day over breakfast. He is a funny and well-knowledgeable guide. As soon as we arrived at the airport, he hurriedly took care of our luggage and security, and before long, we were tearing down the runway. We still don't understand how he managed to get us on that aircraft! Dipak was making arrangements for our hotel rooms in Kathmandu at the same time.
    Again, I'll repeat that when changes need to be made to a trip and those changes appear to guests to be seamless, it is an indication of an experienced company and guide with valuable contacts. As your trekking company, I strongly recommend Sharan, Dipak, and Footprint Adventure. They are trustworthy, understand your needs, and act professionally.