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    Gokyo Lakes with Footprint .....

    Sienna,October 11, 2022

    It was an incredible experience. From the start, the manager Ganesh was really considerate and caring for anything we needed. He met us with Kilraj, who was the best guide we could have asked for. He took care of us, carefully taken us to Gokyo Lake, and solved every single problem we had.
    We had a great time on the trip owing to them, and we definitely recommend that anyone who is going for the ebc do it with them.

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    Very Professional Company in Nepal

    Kerstin Weber,October 10, 2022

    I'm glad I went with Footprint Adventure for my adventure in Nepal. They helped me do the Everest Base Camp trek and climb Island Peak. I was impressed by how well everything worked even before I left home. There was a lot of information on the website, and Sharan from the Nepal office answered all of my questions patiently over email and Whatsapp. Once I got to Nepal, they take care of my transfers, welcome dinner, and Kathmandu day tour with Prakash. Ramesh helped me to get and manage all the trekking and climbing stuff before flying to Lukla. 

    The trek itself was great, and my guide, Ngima, did everything he could to make sure it went well and I reached the top (even though we lost a day when our flight to Lukla was canceled because of bad weather). Ngima had been guiding in mountains for a long time, knew a lot about his culture, different language, and the history of the Sherpa people, and was a great travel companion for us and our brave porter, Tsering. The plan was ambitious, but there was enough time to get used to the climate and train.
    Footprint Adventure helped me plan what might have been one of my most memorable trips to date, and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to go trekking or climbing in Nepal with a reputable company. The best thing that the Sharan did was send a custom-made farewell cake. These guys care a lot about what they do, and their hard work is amazing.

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    Lifetime time three passes experience

    Saurav Sukla,October 07, 2022

    Completed the three passes and Everest base camp trek with Footprint Adventure. I'm quite grateful to Mr. Sharan. He followed up and provided his services really quickly. Mr. Laxman, a knowledgeable guide he provided, made sure everything was properly set up.
    Thank you, Laxman and Mr. Sharan.
    For me, it was a dream fulfilled and you two made it possible. Very advised!!!!!

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    Life Changing Expirience

    Dante G,September 18, 2022

    This trek, has Been life changing!
    We wanted to go to lukla but the weather was to bad for flying. Our guide Ganesh handled the situation beautifully! Instead of waiting and waiting, we changed it to Annapurna, and What a trek that was!
    They explained everything you want to know, as Well as having a lot of fun, doing so. The porters are nothing short of AMAZING! Whenever I needed help, they were there and made my trek even more enjoyjable!
    I Can only recommend Footprint Adventure!
    I Will definetely be back again with some friends this time!
    If in Nepal, go with these guys! You Will not be dissapointed and you Will enjoy so so much!!

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    Footprint Adventure, your go to partner.

    Shane,September 15, 2022

    Using Footprint Adventure and Trek Guide "Ashish" is something I'd definitely recommend. He handled every aspect of our group of three going to the EBC and taking us back in a helicopter.  Well-planned and knowledgeable, which made our vacation easier. If I ever visit Nepal again, I'll employ them once more on a trek.

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    Achievment of 2022 with Footprint Team in Africa

    Jackson Grv,September 15, 2022

    The best service and tour group I could have asked for contributed to an absolutely wonderful trip. Jerome and the rest of the staff were responsible for my constant happiness throughout the entire journey. Jerome helped us reach the summit with the assistance of our guides, and the dinner was delicious. My birthday was also celebrated on the trip, and it was truly the nicest birthday I've ever had. I was pleasantly surprised to find a completely decorated dining room for breakfast, and the entire hotel staff wished me a happy birthday throughout supper. Everyone's attention throughout the entire trip was extraordinary, and they guarantee that your health is the top priority while you ascend. I have already recommended this vacation to a number of friends, and I am envious that they will get to experience it for the first time.

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    Gokyo Lake experience with Abhishek

    Lorenzo E,September 14, 2022

    Had a fantastic time trekking on the mountain with our guide Abhishek. Our guide allayed our worries, and the porter prevented back ache for us. I can't deny how beautiful the route to Gokyo Lake was—it was just too nice!
    Sharan helped us plan the trip just the day before we went and made adjustments when the weather prevented us from flying up to Lukla on the first day.
    Without a doubt, I advise!

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    This EBC experience overcome my expectations

    Sergio A,September 06, 2022
    Thanks to Footprints I realised my dream.I have always considered climbing the Everest base camp something impossible but thanks to the Footprints guides who have always followed me I was able to complete the climb on schedule. It was a surprise to discover not only the nature of the places but also the Nepalese traditions. The site was also very precious, which described in detail all the passages of this experience. I highly recommend !!Thank you very much!